Do you have an amazing business idea and want to develop it?

INTRAVIBES LTD is a Consulting Company based in London specialised in helping Startups. We aim to set up and grow your Business, providing everything you need to develop your amazing idea.

We are structured to help you in different stages of your journey such as:

  • Potential Entrepreneur with “only” a good business idea without any company
  • Startup in early phase
  • Established Startup wanting to maximise its value

We also developed a strong Professional Network that could help you in all the aspects involved in building & managing your Business, for example:

  • Accountancy, including the incorporation step
  • Legal services
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising

You do not need to waste time in looking for the right accountant/attorney. We will introduce you to the right person that fits your needs. For free, obviously.

Our mission is to allow you to be focused only on your core business without wasting time on other no-added value activities.

Very often, an extremely good idea is not enough. You need to design this idea in a way it could be appreciated by the market and that can be sustainable for your company. We take care of your idea, optimising every single detail building a strong, long term oriented Business Model.

A brilliant idea that solves an important market problem will not generate any sales if you cannot reach your potential customers. We will analyze your market, developing the best strategy to connect your product/service with your audience. For instance, we will not just say “go online” but we will provide a detailed plan taking care of its implementation through our internal divisions.

Digital Marketing is an extremely interesting way to reach your customers with an outstanding return on the investment if the strategy is well designed. If we agree that this channel could fit your business needs, we will directly implement all the digital activities required by the strategy such as:

  • Web Site Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Social Media Promotion
  • SEO

Even if you find the right business model and the way in which you can be in touch with your customers, there will be a need for robust financial management and we could support you in taking care of that, developing and updating your business plan for internal and external use, for example in funding.